[Samba] pdbedit handles samba domain name incorrectly

Marcus Blomenkamp Marcus.Blomenkamp at epost.de
Fri Aug 8 12:04:18 GMT 2003

Am Freitag, 8. August 2003 13:25 schrieben Sie:
> So, you have configured a 'strange' setup, specifically overriding how
> the Samba team constructs and tests the system, then wonder why it
> breaks?


I tried to follow the KISS (keep it small and simple) principle to reduce 
side-effects of configuration changes. One tool one job.

> Tools like smbclient need to know if Samba is acting as a PDC - because
> the name of the 'sam' is only the workgroup name for the PDC, otherwise,
> it's the name of the machine.  (individual machines may each have
> accounts in LDAP servers, for their own 'local' accounts, should you
> wish to configure it this way.)

Most probably my understanding of 'SAM' is a bit lacking. I always thought of 
domains as databases containing machine and user accounts. So for single 
machines this concept is extended to local user accounts being members of a 
local domain? Is this right? 

Shouldn't we then somehow distinguish between workgroup names (for browsing 
services) and domain names (for accounts, authentication etc)? New smb.conf 


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