[Samba] net rpc getsid to a recently patched NT4 machine

Failed Access mdonovan at edwtech.com
Fri Aug 8 10:59:04 GMT 2003

the only thing to happen has been the server has had the patch for the 
windows rpc problem now the responce to a command that has worked 
perfectly for weeks of testing doesn't ************ work anymore.

instead it spews this out
[2003/08/08 11:50:31, 0] libsmb/namequery.c:getlmhostsent(588)
   getlmhostsent: Ill formed hosts line [ > lots of random signs

rpcclient vomits this out
getlmhostsent: Ill formed hosts line [ > gibberish

if it is the case that this is the fault of microsofts "security patch" 
how much would it cost to hire a hitman and a torturer to hunt down the 
people behind it?

So ranting venom aside is it the patches fault or is something broken?
Help would be nice i was set to move the domain next week and was doing 
a few final tests (ergo another restart)

I'm ready to murder... (depending on who's fault it is, if it's mine 
suicide may be in order)

Anyway help would be nice

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