[Samba] Unix UID from LDAP

Raul Umyarov raul at kspu.ru
Fri Aug 8 09:25:20 GMT 2003

> > There is sambaIdmapEntry in ldap schemas in samba 3.0beta3, but 
> > samba don`t use it. May be it is for winbind only?
> Correct - much to my disappointment, this code was removed during the
> Samba 3.0 beta process.  It is now only used by winbind.
> However, you have always needed to have the users in nsswitch, the usual
> solution being to use nss_ldap.  (Which will give you a similar result,
> in the end).
> Andrew Bartlett

But I had error with nss_ldap only

 smb_pam_account: PAM: UNKNOWN PAM ERROR (9) during Account Management for User: user
 smb_pam_accountcheck: PAM: Account Validation Failed - Rejecting User user!

It is work fine after installing pam_ldap.



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