[Samba] pdbedit handles samba domain name incorrectly

Marcus Blomenkamp Marcus.Blomenkamp at epost.de
Fri Aug 8 09:15:18 GMT 2003

Am Freitag, 8. August 2003 08:11 schrieben Sie:
> >
> > 2. (tested with ldapsam)
> > If I try to enumerate the users stored in databse, pdbedit and in turn
> > ldapsam searches with the wrong filter. Also here a machine name is used
> > instead of the correct domain name.
> This actually looks right because it doesn't appear that you have
> configured samba as a PDC.

Hmm, i forgot to mention that i use different configuration files for 
different services (smbd,nmbd,winbind and utils) in form of a tree. My 
intention was to keep the individual configuration files simple and thus the 
system more manageable. The current tree is:

config-common (also symlinked as smb.conf)
 ^  ^  ^
 |  |  |
 |  |  |
 |  |  |----- config-winbindd
 |  |
 |  |-------- config-smbd
 |----------- config-nmbd

smbd and nmbd are configured to serve as primary domain controller and that 
works fine so far. 

Nevertheless why does pdbedit have to know what role the samba daemons play? 
Does it indeed make sense to put something different than the workgroup name 
into the domain name field of the sam record?

Best regards, Marcus

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