[Samba] Default ACL problem on Samba share

Xiaping Lin xiapingL at qimr.edu.au
Fri Aug 8 02:52:29 GMT 2003


I have installed Samba2-2.2.8a on Solaris 8 box with ACL support
(--with-acl-support). But, I am having trouble to get default directory
ACL permission to work in some directories using Window NT4 machines. 
The files are MS access 97 databases.

After setting the permission for the directory, when the files were
first copied to the directory, it follows the default permission, with
file attribute "archive" set. But, as soon as someone modify the file,
the permission of the file is reverted to whatever "create mask" and
"directory mask" are set, plus any additional ACL user/group setting.

I notice that the modified files does not have "archive" file attribute
any more. If "archive" file attribute stays, the permission will not 
change, which is what I want. I have tried to put "inherit acls = yes" 
in either [GLOBE] or [share] section in smb.conf file, it does not make 
any difference. The weird thing is that in another directory under the 
same share, everything works fine, with same directory permission and 
same file. I would like for "create mask" and "directory mask" to be 
applied to only those directories that does not have ACL set. Is this 

There is no acl related parameter setting in [globe] secrion. The 
specific share setting is as follows:

	path = /path/to/location
         create mask = 0666
         directory mask = 0777
         read only = No
         admin users = +some

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


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