[Samba] Recommended passdb backend

Jim Wharton creole3 at bellsouth.net
Thu Aug 7 22:44:38 GMT 2003

If you have less than 50 users then tdbsam is perfect. When I broke 50 users
I noticed a lag in logoon time. Using LDAP has greatly helped. Not only
that, but now we have the option of having a samba-BDC.


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We're in the midst of setting up a Samba 3 system as our PDC.  I come from a
Samba 2 world, where the passdb backend was smbpasswd.  What's the ...  er,
'best' passdb backend at this point?

To qualify best, there's no limitations on the type of storage used (LDAP,
MySQL, XML, etc).  I'm just looking for something that's going to make
integration with a 2000/XP domain easier, and is going to be well supported
into the future.

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