[Samba] changing file permissions problems

CJ Keist cjay at engr.colostate.edu
Thu Aug 7 21:54:44 GMT 2003

For samba 2.2.8a

Well, I have found that the problem I'm seeing is that in W2K it will  
not let you remove all permissions from say Everyone.  For example in  
UNIX the file permission is set to 0644.  I want to remove the read  
permission for Everyone from W2K.  In the Security tab, when I try to  
uncheck the read for Everyone and then hit "Apply" the read just gets  
re-checked.  Now I can check the write for Everyone hit "Apply" and  
that takes.   I can then uncheck the read just fine.  But I cannot  
uncheck the write.  Also, in the Security tab, when I have selected  
"Everyone" and then try to click the Deny for read,  when I hit the  
"Apply" button it ends up removing my Group instead!!!

Any help here would be greatly appreciated...


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