[Samba] Samba 3.0b3 PDC - XP user descriptions

Boogerman boogerman at interar.com.ar
Wed Aug 6 14:35:34 GMT 2003

Hi all. I have (another) little question about XP and Samba 3.0b3 acting as

When I press CTRL+ALT+DEL in my XP Client I see the message:

",,, has started session as BOOGERSOFT\Boogerman"

(BOOGERSOFT is my domain, and Boogerman is my username).

I also see the ",,," in the top of XP's start menu (when using XP's
startmenu instead of the "classic" start menu).

My guess is that the ",,," is the user's full name in the PDC, so (I know
this is purely cosmetic, but well...) I would like to know if there is a way
to change that.


Gaston Dassieu Blanchet
boogerman at interar.com.ar\

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