[Samba] server can't find itself

Dave Entwistle dave at entwistle.cc
Thu Aug 7 05:35:27 GMT 2003

I am running samba 2.2.8 on Red hat 7.1 and the problem that I am having is
that the server can't see itself.  It can the client without any problem but
the neither the client or the server can see the server.  My server name is
linux and this is the response when I run the following commands:

smbclient -L linux                      			session request to linux failed
(not listening for calling name)
nmblookup -B linux		name_query failed to find name linux

but when I run the command, nmblookup -A linux, I get linux 00, 03, 20
active and workgroup active.  I checked the ports to see if they were
correct and they are there and both services are running.  Please help, Dave

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