[Samba] question about printer shares

Marc Summers marc.summers at verizon.net
Wed Aug 6 23:39:38 GMT 2003

Hello All:

Please excuse my made up fictitious names and IPs.

I have a printer that was setup such as  xxxt1
but in the hosts file on the HP system (11.0 HP-UX)
the printer name is   xxxlbl1

I setup the samba printer share with the name  xxxlbl1

My question is will the samba printer share work with the name xxxt1 if the
name is aliases in the /etc/hosts file  such as

(fictitious IP)  xxxlbl1 xxxt1

Or how does the samba mechanism work when it gets a name
from the host server?  Is the hosts file the controlling factor?

Thanks for your help.

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