[Samba] Re: No files seen when mount DFS roots [samba Digest, Vol 8, Issue 9]

bazilla baz at bazilla.net
Wed Aug 6 14:23:24 GMT 2003

     In response to my original post under the heading "No files seen when
mount[ing] DFS roots" I received one offlist response to the following

>It sounds like the smbfs Linux filesystem module does not handle MSDFS
>links correctly.  You might try the CIFS module avaliable at

Before I assume this is the problem, I would rather have it confirmed by the
samba team, or someone intimately knowledgable of samba.

Without quoting back my entire original message (which has otherwise
generated no responses to this point -- that I know of ... I'm receiving the
list in digest format), here's the gist of the problem repeated:

>      I have a linux server on a windows workgroup running samba.  I have a
> share created with samba on the linux server that is linked into a dfs
> hosted by a win2k server.  (E.g., it is the win2k server, not the linux
> server, hosting the dfs.)  From the windows machines on the network,
> everything works as it is supposed to: I can see all files in the dfs,
> including the files in the share on the linux server.
>      But when I mount the dfs root on the linux server, I can only see the
> directories in the dfs, not the files within the directories.

     FWIW, the version of samba is the version that installs with RH9.


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