[Samba] Date and Time change on unchanged Office files ...

f.pospischil at telenet-ag.de f.pospischil at telenet-ag.de
Wed Aug 6 09:36:41 GMT 2003

... when you are not owner of an Excel or Powerpoint file, the 
modification time will change to now() even when nothing is changed.
The same was true for Word before i set "dos filetimes" and "dos filetime 
resolution" to yes.

How can I prevent files from getting "brand new" by only viewing them ?
"Force user" is not a really good idea, as we need ACL support to 
implement a strict user rights concept.

Any ideas ?

(BTW, the lack of NTFS file system tunnelling doesn´t seem to be the cause 
of these problems. I did some testing on a NTFS-Volume on a Server with 
this "feature" turned off.
the change of filetimes did not occur ...)

Thanks in advance ...

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