[Samba] capturing printer port "net use"for samba in xp

VIK gre_fall2002 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 5 22:03:52 GMT 2003

I m running a samba and about 6 or 7 xp machines and
printing is all through samba.
I used "net use" to capture printer port in windows xp
and it works fine.
only prob which i have been facing is as follows:
I have a user who logs inn from xp and can print thru
samba. then he logs out and goes home and next day he
comes back and issues print command it doesnt work. i
(admin) type the net use command for capturing printer
port it starts working fine. 
any solution for this ? so that "net use" can be run
everytime he logs in into win xp so that printing will
b without any hassels
let me know asap

thank you

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