[Samba] can't access file folders

Gavin gavin-39 at lapis.plala.or.jp
Tue Aug 5 12:31:25 GMT 2003

I've just setup a file server for my school (small private school) I've 
created 2 groups "adm" and "students". being the adm, I can access all of my 
students folders but when I log in as one of the students, I can "see" the 
folders but I CAN'T ACCESS them.. I get the reply "share names not listed". 
all the folders have open access, I've removed all the security  and I still 
can't go into the students folder... where should I look to solve this small 
but P.I.T.A problem (Pain In The A**)

I'm using MDK 8.2 prosuite on the server
the student workstations are 2 M$98 boxes and 1 M$ ME 
the adm station is MDK

holla back if more info is needed..
c/o GES
Register Linux user # 199685
Sent 2u on a M$ free system!!

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