[Samba] Re: Windows 2000 don't fetch user.DOMAIN profile

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Tue Aug 5 10:18:43 GMT 2003

| I've successfully added a machine to my DOMAIN but 
| the users still continue to use his local profile. 
| this profile is in folder 
| c:\document and Settings\blahblah\username
| but I want he to get those in 
| c:\document and Settings\blahblah\username.DOMAIN. 
| How is it possible ?

You mean
  c:\Documents and Settings\blahblah-username.DOMAIN

Well, if there is a local user "blahblah-username" and
he logs in as "localPC\blablah-username" he continues
using his old local profile.

If there isn't such a local user and you have set up
the [profiles] share properly, then his profile will
still be without the ".DOMAIN" suffix, but there's no
worry about it. You can't force Windows to use the
domain suffix. If a user name is unique in
C:\Documents and Settings it will be used without 
suffix. But if you for example change the domain name
to "DOMAIN2" then upon a fresh login the users profile 
will be

  c:\Documents and Settings\blahblah-username.DOMAIN2

to differentiate it from the original 
blahblah-username, unless you first remove that profile
before he logs in again in which case it will again be

  c:\Documents and Settings\blahblah-username

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