[Samba] Samba 3.0 and LDAP

Adam Oliver aolive1 at umbc.edu
Mon Aug 4 20:12:38 GMT 2003

I'm kind of a newbie with some of the samba stuff so this might not be

According to the Samba site the only obsolete options are the following:
      printer driver (replaced by new driver procedures)
      printer driver file (replaced by new driver procedures)
      printer driver location (replaced by new driver procedures)
      use rhosts
      client code page (replaced by dos charset)
      vfs path
      vfs options

I would say you just use the same options as before.  Are you doing
something like connecting to a Windows network?

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> I was looking through my o'reilly book and according to it all of the ldap
> inputs that would be in smb.conf are not supposed to be there in samba
> How do you specify which ldap server to use and whatnot?
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