[Samba] samba with acl's, acl's in but not working

David.Grudek at anixter.com David.Grudek at anixter.com
Mon Aug 4 18:49:52 GMT 2003

I have installed Redhat 8.0 with the Sgi xfs rpm kernel running.  I also 
recompiled the srpm from Redhat's ftp site with acl support.   I have a 
partition called data that was formatted in xfs.  I can do a getfacl and 
it works on the directories and seems to be working.  I am trying to 
change the permission's from a windows machine logged in as root but 
nothing seems to work.  When I set certain permission's they don't seem to 
be working right.  Regular users can get into a folder that I put as only 
root having access to.  I want to put a folder called home under /data 
(/data/home) and use this for the home directories of the windows users 
and lock it down with acl's the way windows does it.  I put read and list 
permission's on the home for all users and I want to put full access to 
only that user and root on each users directory.  The company wants all 
files to reside within one partition for backup purposes.  I have tried to 
ask them just to use the Linux home directories but the said it was 
causing problems when the users were accidentally delete the Linux user 
files so they would prefer to do it in this /data dir.   Any help would be 

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