[Samba] Supported version of Samba for commercial use.

steve.22.williams at bt.com steve.22.williams at bt.com
Mon Aug 4 09:42:20 GMT 2003

Dear Sirs.

We have csv reports that are created on a unix server automatically via a
cron job. We are looking at putting these reports in a shared area / work
out a way of sharing a unix device to windows machine like mapping a network
drive. The only product we have found that can possibly do this is samba.
Because we are a large company ('BRITISH TELECOM') we really need a version
of this product that is supported. Are there any subsidiary companies that
offer support for this product?

If any one can help can you reply by returning an email or call 01908656496.
Stephen Williams


A question for you - may need a bit of digging about.  

John has asked us to look at automating the creation of some csv report
extracts which he currently does manually. Chris has worked out the method
to get this done using a cron job  but we would need to store the outputs
(daily) on some sort of shared area so they could be accessed by Pete/Jason
to move onto Plink folders, and also in the future by Actuate.

There will be obvious questions about archiving etc but for now we need to
know what's practical in terms of sharing a UNIX device so it could be
mapped to a PC like a network drive. The product that I've had mentioned to
me is Samba but I'm not sure how this works or whether it's suitable for the
live environment (it may be a freeware product which could cause
acceptability issues?)

Could you see if anyone knows anything about this, or similarly acceptable
products please?

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