[Samba] Samba3+KBC

Jan Peuker jan.peuker at lst-deutschland.de
Mon Aug 4 06:44:52 GMT 2003

Hi list,

I run a Samba-3.0.0beta3 / Heimdal-0.6 system and want it to be the BDC of
our Win2003-controlled domain. The reason is that we had to move from our
perfectly working samba-PDC to a windows system and I want to keep the user
profiles on the old, but stronger, Linux box(now on SuSE8.2). I get(kinit) a
ticket of the Win2003 without any problem, even for admin users. But If I
try to connect via smbclient(pam is set and configured, the option -k
doesn't change anything) from the Linux to the Win2003 I get a
NT_STATUS_MORE_PROCESSING_REQUIRED (and yes, accoring to the changes from
beta2 to beta3 I think I _have_ a valid ticket).
In Effect, I want every user to acces its shares on the old linux box like
before but authenticated via the Win2003. Does anybody know what I'm doing
Thank you,


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