[Samba] File Corruption

Scott Sipe cscotts at mindspring.com
Sun Aug 3 01:59:13 GMT 2003

Not only .exe files, also .CAB file for MS Office (the cab file is 
definitely changing).

I agree with you that it definitely seems like a virus--I do regular 
scans on the samba share from FreeBSD with the McAfee scanner, "uvscan" 
and it never turns anything up more than the occasional, mostly benign 
macro virus (we get in tons and tons and tons of word files from 
basically computer illiterate people ;)  Most of the PC's in the office 
have virus scanners as well.

I downloaded ClamAV today and am currently doing a full scan of the 
samba share, but so far it's found nothing serious.

thanks much,

Rashkae wrote:

> You've only seen corruption on files of .exe type, while you have data
> files regularly being copied back and forth?  My first guess would be to
> check and double check for a virus on any pc that has access to that
> share.
> There is an older Dos virus I've seen around that will mess up installers
> and cause Windows to complain that that the file is not a valid Win32
> Application, or some such error message.

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