[Samba] Norton Antivirus breaks Samba

Bo Jacobsen subs at systemhouse.dk
Fri Aug 1 13:18:42 GMT 2003

I wonder if anyone else have seen this problem.

When Norton Antivirus is installed on a W2K workstation and offline-files is
enabled, connections to shares on samba servers is unstable (the connection
is very often lost) and the samba log shows Internal errors and panics.
It's not only the connections to shares that I have online-files on, that breaks,
it happens on all my shares.

I have tested it with both Norton Internet Security version 2002 and 2003. Version 2002
'works a little better then 2003.
It does not help to disable the firewall and antivirus programs.
If the software is uninstalled the machine works proberly again.

I have tried with a fresh W2K installation (with all the updates), and it reacts the
same way.
I have tried SuSE Samba 2.2.7a and 2.2.8a-34, and SuSE kernels 2.4.20 and 
vanilla 2.4.21-pre 6/7/8/9, all generates the same errors.

I have also tried changing the 3COM NICs with Intel cards, and connected the server and the
workstation directly with a cable.

Any suggestions


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