[Samba] Moving from a machine with 2.2.1a to another machine with 2.2.5

Lennart Henang lennart.henang at home.se
Fri Aug 1 11:53:17 GMT 2003


We are trying to move from an old machine running SAMBA 2.2.1a to a new machine running RH8 and SAMBA 2.2.5.

We tar'ed all shares and moved them over and we then copied /etc/passwd , /etc/group, smbpasswd , secrets.tdb , smb.conf to the new machine.

A clip of the global section of smb.conf looks like this:

domain master = yes
logon path = \\%N\profiles\%u
encrypt passwords = yes
time server = yes
preferred master = yes
logon script = %U.bat
security = user
domain admin group = lex,tox, at supx
domain logons = yes
local master = yes
server string = Nisse
workgroup = LABAN
load printers = yes
logon drive = H:
os level = 235
logon home = \\amazing\%u
printer admin = @supx,lex,tox

When starting SAMBA on the new server the following happens:

1. lex and tox can login and everything seems to work
2. all other users can login, BUT profiles doesn't load correctly
3. when creating a new user, she cannot even login

We tried to recreate the /etc/group file by running groupadd commands since Linux was a little confused over the group names (it preferred to use group numbers instead and did not accept that the groups existed). BUT, no change in behaviour.

Any help is welcome!

Thanks in advance!

Lennart Henang, Stockholm, Sweden

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