[Samba] Re: Patch Samba - How to?

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Fri Aug 1 06:58:51 GMT 2003

| There is a patch here:
|  https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=82
| that I would like to install for my samba server but 
| I do not see anywhere documentining how to patch my 
| server.  Can anyone shed some light on this for me 
| please?

I believe I already answered your question, but since
I don't find it in the most recent digest, I'll risk
being redundant. It's a very rough layout of what you
do when rebuilding samba. Perhaps other posters,
especially the maintainers at various distros, might
add more flesh around it and then we might have a 
Samba re-build HOW-TO or mini-HOW-TO:

Look at the same link again. In the meanwhile I added
a diff file based on which the patch utility will 
change the contents of the two source files so that
the bug is squashed.

Basically a big software project is built with the
help of a .spec file. Your distro puts all the relevant
details (changes, documentation, directories) for rpm
utility to be able to build executable files and
everything else (config files, fonts, codepages etc.)
which is needed to install samba. 

If you have all the pieces already, i.e. the samba 
2.2.8a source tarball and all the .diff and similar, 
then all you need to do is put all of it in 
/usr/src/packages/SOURCES and do "rpm -bb samba.spec". 

The "rpm" then reads "samba.spec" and executes one 
after another all the stages of the build - check if 
all required files are there, check if your compiler 
and your system have this or that feature (configure), 
compile all the *.c files, link the objects into 
static and dynamic libraries and finally link the 

When all is done according to plan, an installable 
.rpm packages will be placed in /usr/src/packages/RPM 
and then you install it just like you do when you've 
downloaded the .rpm package from one of the samba 

My distro is SuSE. The bits and pieces that make samba
compilable/installable under 8.2 were not at one place 
so I studied samba.spec and made several unsuccessful 
runs to find out what is missing. Once I knew what I 
was looking for, I always found it in some directory 
of their ftp server's public directory. Apart from the 
bzip2ed source tarball, which you can get at any samba 
mirror, there are a couple of dozens of files which
together weigh about 50 kb. If you use SuSE 8.2 like
I do I can post them to you. If not, you can surely
assemble all the pieces yourself. Your distro might
even have it ready made. You just need to add the
attachment #62 of bug thread #82 to one of the .diff
files and off you go.

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