[Samba] hide files

Marcus Schopen marcus.schopen at uni-bielefeld.de
Fri Aug 1 02:08:40 GMT 2003


I read  Volker Lendecke's *great* Samba book, but can't find an answer 
to the following question:

is it possible to hide, but read and write to files in a share? I'm not 
talking about "hide files", because these files are still viewable on 
windows (if option is set on client).

The "veto files" option seems just to denie the access, so these files 
are not read and writable anymore.

I'm looking for something that is like apache's browseable option for 
directories. You can't see what's in a directory, but can access via URL 
_if you know the URL_. Or in other words: I want to share a directory 
with read and write permissions, but don't want people to see what's in 
this directory. In best case it should look like an empty directory, but 
still be able to access (read+write) to file like 

Is that possible and if yes how?


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