[Samba] Re: SWAT

Greg Miller gmiller at eccbm.com
Wed Apr 30 20:07:40 GMT 2003

Sounds like you got something messed up in your dns settings.  Check and
make sure that you have localhost as one of your aliases.  Add any other
aliases you might need as well.  As for telnet (obvious question) but is
it started?  Also does it work when you go to the ip address?

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On Tue, 29 Apr 2003 Manuel_Casoluengo at cotyinc.com wrote:

> You can access swat via webmin also check if you have it onto
> your linux box, if you don't , install it from your distro
> CD, is very easy, once You have installed it, check it as:
> https://yourserverip:10000 , probe it if you have trouble ask me no
> problem ok....

I didn't install webmin because it is too much of a security gap.

I'm able to ping my server from another node, but I'm not able to
telnet, even from within the server itself.  Would this have any
similarity to the situation, and if so, how?  Prior to Mandrake 8.0, I
was able to telnet into my server.

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