[Samba] problem with samba - connection reset by peer

Joao Alberto M. dos Reis (listas de discucao) lista at vudu.ath.cx
Wed Apr 30 12:56:30 GMT 2003

I have an application that have to access a samba disk space, but always when 
I authenticate the first time it returns a "path not find" error message, but 
in the second time I try to run the application it works.

The problem seems to be the time that samba takes to athenticate on the PDC.

In my samba configuration the password server is pointing to a NT PDC. I got 
a lot of lib/util_sock.c:read_socket_data(478) error (Connection reset by 
peer)in my logs files.

One alternative is changing the application, but I can´t do this. I would 
like to know if there´s any ideias to solve this problem in samba.


Joao Alberto M. dos Reis
lista at vudu.ath.cx
joao at vudu.ath.cx

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