[Samba] Re: Does 3.0 work with w2k sp3 and/or win 2003? Anybody had success?

Chere Zhou qzhou at isilon.com
Tue Apr 29 21:16:18 GMT 2003

Hmm, SAMBA3_0 got a panic for a w2k sp2 client.  sp3 client can not connect 
to it either.  

My main goal is to see w2k sp3 working.  I am using 3.0a21, and willing to 
merge whatever fix there might be.

It's nice to know 4.0 is already planned out.

On Monday 28 April 2003 06:10 pm, Andrew Bartlett wrote:
> On Tue, 2003-04-29 at 08:26, Chere Zhou wrote:
> > I can't make it work although both sign&seal and restrictanonymous are
> > set to 0.
> >
> > My setup is: w2k sp2 as PDC, w2k sp3 as client, samba 3.0a21 joined into
> > the PDC domain as an ADS member.  The scenario is, from the w2k sp3
> > client, connect to a share hosted by samba, create a file, then use
> > property->security->add tab to add an ACE, then the browsing user/group
> > windows appears and only the samba box itself appears (and greyed out),
> > no domain info is available.  Using a w2k sp2 client works just fine.
> >
> > Last Friday's HEAD code won't let the sp3 client to connect.  Today's
> > HEAD code got this error and winbindd dies.
> > [2003/04/28 14:54:07, 0] sam/idmap_tdb.c:db_idmap_init(280)
> >   idmap_init: Unable to open idmap database
> > [2003/04/28 14:54:07, 0] sam/idmap.c:idmap_init(70)
> >   idmap_init: could not load or create local backend!
> >
> > I will try older HEAD code in the mean time.
> You should move to Samba 3.0 as soon as possible.  Samba HEAD is being
> rapidly abandoned as we move to 3.0, and is being used as a
> staging-point for the idmap changes that idra wants to get in before the
> feature freeze.
> Samba HEAD will soon contain the Samba 4.0 codebase, which will
> certainly not be production-ready for a long while yet (*big* rewrite).
> Andrew Bartlett

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