[Samba] Samba 2.2.8a and Microsoft Word

Joe Meslovich joe at bridgewater.edu
Tue Apr 29 20:22:04 GMT 2003

On April 13th I upgraded our main file server to samba-2.2.8a. The server
is Solaris 8 x86. Due to the fact that I don't have the kernel up to date
on this one yet. We built samba with --with-quotas --with-spinlocks
--with-acl-support. Prior to the upgrade we were running a build of 2.2.x
taken from CVS on Nov 27th, 2001. It was built with spinlocks as well.

Anyhow to the point of this email. Since the install of 2.2.8a on the 13th
we have seen an increased amount of file corruption with Microsoft Office
products. Namely we have seen problems with Word. Files will be created,
and editted, and then at some point the file will loose textual data, and
a hodge-podge of gibberish characters will appear in place of the text.

I know that this all seems vague. But I am just curious to know if any
other users have 2.2.8a have experienced issues with Microsoft Office
products corrupting files.

						Joe Meslovich

Joe Meslovich						joe at bridgewater.edu
Associate Network/Systems Engineer	                IT Center
Tel: (540) 828 - 5343

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