[Samba] ACLs and file/directory access permissions

Marek Bialoglowy mb at systemintegra.com
Tue Apr 29 16:36:33 GMT 2003


I agree with you John. I don't claim it's samba-team's failure and I'm sorry
if you understood me this way ... I should say "Extra ACLs" rather than
"Proper ACLs". You do really great job there. I was just wondering if this
kind of feature would be something useful in 'samba', just as some extra
option. Probably if I would review this idea and think in perspective of
implementation I could found it quite useless.

As far as I know samba is supporting xfs ACLs (if I'm right) and I believe
this is already something great. I would already use ACLs with ext3 but I
there are many notes saying that it is still too early.

"SuSE Linux 8.1 supports ACLs on the ext2 and ext3 file systems. ACL support
is also present in xfs and jfs, but using ACLs with either xfs or jfs is not
recommended at this point, because there are known issues on both file

That's why I was looking for other option and start thinking if I could
somehow implement it in samba.

Best Regards,


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