[Samba] Errors in browsing and authentication on a FreeBSD dual samba/samba-tng installation

Martyn Hill m.hill at stjamessengirls.org.uk
Tue Apr 29 16:08:43 GMT 2003

Dear list

I haven't been able to track down the cause of the following problems and
hope someone can shed some light...

We have been running samba-tng successfully on our school FreeBSD 4.5RELENG
server for 18 months or so, but now need the facility of downloadable
printer drivers for our W2k clients.

I have installed samba 2.2.7a alongside our running samba-tng (2.6.1cvs) in
a dual head configuration. After some fiddling to get the log and pid files
separated and adjusting the two independent smb.confs more or less according
to the now legendary, but out of date, dual-samba FAQ, the two sambas are
running together. Samba has been successfully joined to the TNG domain.

The "new" samba is given the same netbios name and IP address as the
original, while samba-tng is assigned a new name and (aliased) IP. The WINS
server address has been updated on the test clients to point to the new IP
address (i.e. TNG.)

TNG reports no problems and ticks along, logging in users as before.
However, samba is making itself heard in the system log file and, rather
more irritatingly, repeating itself multiple times on the console.

I've replaced the real server and client names in the following messages
with *server* and *client* because I'm paranoid...

1) How to persuade samba to leave the console alone?

2) Whenever samba is started 2 similar messages appear in the system log
file, like the one below.

  Apr 28 21:42:01 *server* nmbd[14279]: [2003/04/28 21:42:01, 0]
  Apr 28 21:42:01 *server* nmbd[14279]:   find_response_record: response
packet id 4034 received with no matching record.

3) When browsing through Network Neighbourhood on W2k, slow refresh of
browse list, then slow to display contents of a shared folder. Normal
connections through mapped drives are fine.
The following message appears (when browsing the share "office"):

  Apr 28 21:22:48 *server* smbd[14167]: [2003/04/28 21:22:48, 0]
  Apr 28 21:22:48 *server* smbd[14167]:   *client* (10.x.x.x) couldn't find
service office.dll

4) When (successfully) logged on with an alias of Unix account "root"
(mapped in the samba-tng "Domain users map" file), access to any share is
prohibited with the following message:

  Apr 28 21:42:18 *server* smbd[14280]: [2003/04/28 21:42:18, 0]
  Apr 28 21:42:18 *server* smbd[14280]:   authorise_login: rejected invalid
user nobody

5) I haven't attempted to manipulate any machine/domain SIDs. Bearing in
mind that server netbios names have been changed, should this be necessary?

Any help would be welcome, including flames/polite pointers to existing

Martyn Hill
Network Administrator
St James Independent School

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