[Samba] Importing all users from /etc/shadow automatically (addtosmbpass not found)

Éliás Tamás eliast at veszprog.hu
Tue Apr 29 15:52:32 GMT 2003

Hy all! I'm new to this group, I welcome everyone.

OS: Debian Woody 3.0, kernel 2.4.20-grsecurity
Samba: 2.2.8a, compiled from source
State: Samba up, and running
Problem: I've got hundreads of unix users, and I don't want to import them one 
by one using smbpasswd. I've got a book from O'reilly wich is told to be the 
official. It says, this thing can be done by using the 'addtosmbpass' awk 
script. But I haven't got such. Not if I use debian's apt-get to install samba, 
nor when I install it from source.

Does anyone know such utility or some "hidden" parameters for smbpasswd to 
import all users from the shadow file, with their passwords?



Thomas Elias
Tel.: +3630/3299315

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