[Samba] Viewing Linux machine from windows machine

John Morrow morrow at clanmorrow.com
Mon Apr 28 20:30:23 GMT 2003

On Monday 28 April 2003 11:34 am, you wrote:
> I assume this is a windows 9x or ME machine, is that correct?
Yes it is Windows ME

> Does the username you log on to Windows with match the username of the
> valid Linux account? Windows 9x/ME assume the windows login username and
> then ask for the password (NT/2K/XP prompt for both a username and
> password). Often users are not prompted by windows for their password at
> startup on these operating systems as its been saved when they first
> installed windows.
Although the passwords are the same userid are not

> I have found a fix for this is to rename the c:\windows\Username.pwl
> files, and then reboot. When you are prompted on reboot, supply a username
> and password that match those on the samba server.

This will create problems tring to log into the windows server, will do if I 
have to.

> Are you trying to login to the samba server with a valid Linux user ID and
> password?
Yes I have tried the user password and the root password

> Do you have a username and password entry in smbpasswd (assuming thats
> what you are using)?
smbpasswd is empty, I am new to linux, it reminds me of my old DOS days.

> What are your security settings in smb.conf? Are you sing encrypted
> password?
Passwords are encrypted

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