[Samba] help please

Robert Adkins radkins at impelind.com
Mon Apr 28 15:26:13 GMT 2003


On Mon, 2003-04-28 at 10:54, Joe Innis wrote:
> I have been thrust into a situation where Samba is being used to transfer
> accounting data from a Sun Unix application to a Windows application.  There
> is only one person in our business office that can access the little script
> that transfers data from the Unix application to the Windows application.  I
> would like to speak with someone on the phone about our situation, so if you
> are in the US and can help, please let me know how I can contact you.

	You would need to provide more information as to what you are looking
to do before being able to chat on the phone with anyone regarding how
to fix your issue.

	However, if you do require some phone consulting assistance, I am quite
certain that there are more then a few small Linux/UNIX consulting firms
in your area that would be able to assist you with configuring Samba,
with very reasonable pricing.

	I have used a local (Detroit area) firm myself and found their pricing
to be extremely well priced for what we were able to get out of them. 

	Thinking on the little information you have provided, it appears that
you wish to have more then one user be able to run the script. Which
could mean a number of things would need to be done...

	1. The script would need to be put into a folder that would be
accessible to more then just that one user...

	2. That folder and the script will need to have permissions allowing a
group, let's call this group 'scriptrun' the right to run the script.

	3. All of the users that you wish to have access to the script MUST be
in that group inside the "groups" file.

	If any of what I have just written makes little sense, I can only
recommend finding a local consultant to come in to take care of this
immediate issue and also for you to pick-up a book called "Solaris
Administration A Beginner's Guide" by Paul Watters, it is published by
	Quite frankly is one of the most excellently written books on learning
the basics of Solaris Administration. Especially if you are only
familiar with the Windows side of things. The book has the best Windows
to UNIX comparisons I have encountered and opened up a whole mess of
things to me that I likely wouldn't have known otherwise...

	Good luck!

	Robert Adkins
	IT Manager/Buyer
	Impel Industries, Inc.

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