[Samba] Access denied, unable to connect to printer

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Mon Apr 28 13:19:37 GMT 2003

linux power linuxpower2002 at yahoo.no on Samba-Digest

> Mon Apr 28 14:51:03 GMT 2003
> I forgot the sym link you must apply.
> ln -s `which smbspool` /usr/lib/cups/backend/smb 

This is only of interest if you want to print *from* CUPS *to* a Windows
shared printer.

This was not the case here. Here the printing should happen from WinXP
(Prof? Home?) to CUPS.....

>  Norman Walsh <ndw at nwalsh.com> wrote:-----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE-----
> Hash: SHA1
> Hello world,
> I've dug through the docs and googled through the net, but I'm still
> unable to fix my Samba (2.2.3a-6 for Debian) setup so that I can print
> from my wife's Windows XP laptop.
> The server is using Cups and I can print from the server and over the
> net from my (Debian) laptop.
> The XP box can connect to the server and browse files (both her home
> directory and other shared directories).
> But the XP box won't connect to the printer on the server.


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