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> Im using roaming profiles on a FreeBSD 4.7 server for all the Win2K 
> on the network. At this moment only 1 client is working on the domain.
> The roaming profiles are working OK, but it takes such a long time (2 or 
> minutes) to login or to logout. The server is quick enough (dual 
> 1Ghz, 512 MB memory, 230 GB harddisk), but why does this take so much 
> It's very annoying.

On the W2K machine check the properties of "My Computer". On the tab "User 
Profiles" you can
choose where the files in "My Documents" will be stored.

Maybe you should switch your current profile to "Local". If it's set to 
"server steered"
(or similar term), win2k will always synchronise the files during 

P.S.: I hope i used the right terms above, because i'm using a german 
windows version.

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