[Samba] Samba printing

Bob McLaughlin bobm142 at attbi.com
Sun Apr 27 18:15:26 GMT 2003

I sent the following yesterday with no response.  Somebody out there
must know how to cope with this error message.  Hope the right person
reads this.

I have Samba running on the linuxbox serving WinME on the other boxes. 
My printer is an hp deskjet  hooked to a WinME machine. I used
gnome>System settings>Printing to set up printing from the linuxbox to
the WinME box.  Everything went smooth during setup with the printer
being recognized properly as 'Networked Windows (SMB)' When I try a test
print I get the error 'Get_localhost: 'Localhost' IP address not
available'.  When I try to print a document it appears to cache, go away
and never come back.  Anybody have any suggestions?
Bob McLaughlin <bobm142 at attbi.com>

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