[Samba] grpid and mount

Skip Morrow skip-lists at pelorus.org
Sun Apr 27 00:14:36 GMT 2003

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This is actually a mount question, but please bear with me.
I have a separate hard drive in my linux box that I use for sharing
with all of the other (trusted) windows clients in my home network.
When I mount it, I use the grpid flag because I want the drive to be a
completely shared drive and not have to worry about permissions.  So,
my question is, why isn't there a comparable uid flag that I can set
so that all created files on the drive are created nobody.nobody?  Or
even better, how can I do this?  Through samba, I have used the force
user and force group settings, which work great, but when I create a
file locally, from the linux box, they get created user.nobody.  The
owner of the mount point directory is nobody.nobody.

One other side question:  Has anyone had a problem with WinXP not
"thinking" that it has connected and mapped the share at start up, but
in reality, it has?  For instance, I have all of my mp3s on the above
mentioned drive.  I start up WinXP, which is supposed to automatically
map the share.  I open my computer and see the "X" on the drive,
making me think that it has not done it's thing.  But as soon as I
d-click on it, it opens just fine.  What's more, if I start winamp
before I try and browse the share, winamp won't see any of the files.
But if I browse the share, then try winamp again, it works great.  I
have the setting on the share to logon as guest only, so no passwords
are needed, so that's not it.

Thanks for your help.


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