[Samba] Linux-windows interoperability

peekay_52 peekay_52 at indiatimes.com
Sat Apr 26 11:17:27 GMT 2003

Dear Sirs,

   We are using Win2000 Domain controller with around 2500 user accounts, and we want to use same user accounts on Linux workstations. 

I am new to Linux and wish to establish a new Linux Lab for my college using RH 7.3 (Valahala) on client workstations and a RH 7.3 Server as samba server.

 I have configured Samba on RH 7.3 server and am able to connect and get authenticated from Win2000 server acting as Domain Controller using Domain user accounts. But, since win2k domain user do not have any home folder on RH 7.3 server so the user get / as home directory. The users logging on from RH 7.3 server can not create any files.

2., Secondly how I will give connectivity to Rh 7.3 work stations for authenticating by win2000 Domain controller ? please point me to some pages on how to...or otherwise.

 I would like to thank all for the support in anticipation.

With warmest regards

PK Sharma

JSSATE, Noida (India)

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