[Samba] File server moving from NT to Samba

Philippe Dhont (Sea-ro) Philippe.Dhont at searo.be
Sat Apr 26 07:42:17 GMT 2003


I have a file server on Windows NT and i want to move it to SAMBA.
Now, on NT i can share a Directory but i can also set permissions on
underlying directories or files in that shared directories and that for as
much users and groups as i want.
But how do i do this with samba and linux ?
I can set the permissions fine in my smb.conf script, but this is only for
the shared directories, right ?
How can i on my underlying directories or files set permissions so that (by
example) 5 groups are allowed and 3 users and the rest is not ?
I will use winbind and i know i can set permissions on the underlying
directories with chmod and chown, but i want to specify exactly with several
users and groups.
If you know NT and linux, then you know what i mean.



           --Tronstr at xsomic--

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