[Samba] RESOLVED: Samba 2.2.7 as a PDC and a Windows 2K Pro client not working

Sean O'Neill sean at seanoneill.info
Thu Apr 24 18:47:07 GMT 2003

At 09:32 AM 4/24/2003 -0500, Sean O'Neill wrote:
>K - my original post was a little long so I'll try this - short.
>I have a Windows 2K Pro client who domain membership I trying to change 
>over to a Samba 2.2.7 server which I've setup as a PDC.
>When I try to change the membership of the client, I always get the 
>following error:
>The following error occurred validating the name "NONROUTABLE".
>This condition may be caused by a DNS lookup problem ....<SNIP>
>The specified domain either does not exist or could not be contracted.
>The only traffic I see coming out of the client during this attempt domain 
>membership change is a DNS SRV query to my Solaris DNS server for 
>"_ldap._tcp.dc._msdcs.NONROUTABLE".  My Solaris DNS server doesn't current 
>support SRV records.  I think I heard a rumor that BIND 9 supposedly 
>supports this.
>Does anyone know how I can setup my client so that it doesn't look for 
>this DNS SRV entry and start talking to my Samba PDC ?

Well, it was a couple of things - just not sure which one or combo of which 
ones.  This is what I did:

- I adjusted the clients network settings check:
   Client for Microsoft Windows
   File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Windows

These were unchecked.

- I setup Samba to be a WINS server, restarted Samba, updated my client 
network config to use the Samba server as a WINS server, and rebooted the 

- After reviewing my Samba log (after updating the log level to 3), I 
noticed that the log.nmbd file was saying domain logons were not 
enabled.  The IBM article I was using to setup Samba as a PDC had one very 
important option missing in their "Final Cut" page of the smb.conf file:

domain logons = yes

I fixed that and restart Samba.  I sent IBM an email letting them know 
their tutorial needs fixing on that page.

- Then I went through the usual procedure of changing the machine domain, 
used the "root" login that got setup in Samba, and it worked great.

Now I just have to figure out why a roaming profile directory for a user in 
the Samba doesn't get created correctly in /home/samba/profiles when I 
logged in.  I got an error message saying:

Windows cannot create profile directory 
\\compaq\profiles\soneill.pds.  blah blah blah

BUT I was able to login and the Samba log showed all the activity for the 
WINS registration stuff and everything.  Sweet :)

Sean O'Neill 

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