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> I am working on a similar installation.
> I found this great tutorial:  http://www.skippy.net/linux/smb-howto.html
> In addition, through research and talking to the above howto
contributer, I
> have decided to go with an LDAP authenticated SAMBA configuration.  One of
> the selling points for me was the unified local/samba accounts (whereas
> group membership and suthentication can be controlled from a single
> source)..in addition, LDAP seems to be a bit more versatile for plugging
> into other solutions down the road.
> Here is a small howto on LDAP that I was reference to:
> http://www.mandrakesecure.net/en/docs/ldap-auth.php
> If anyone would like to send some feedback as to other pro's and con's of
> either these methods (homogeneous samba/ldap authenticated samba) I am
> others on the group would benefit and appreciate the help.
> I am trying to iron out some logistics, and the more information the
> for me right now.

BTW, Jim Collings and I have been working on follow-up articles to the
Mandrakesecure.net LDAP article. While they are not complete yet, I
think they would be of use to you.

Please don't advertise them beyond this list yet, but feedback is very
welcome. I am hoping to finish my one by early next week (I was delayed,
had to fix some problems in the openldap package for Mandrake 9.1 -
update will be coming, hopefully before my article).

We have been running Samba/LDAP in production for about 3 months. We
haven't tested joining machine on the BDC side of the WAN again, it
didn't work before, but I think it can easily be done, just haven't had
a chance to test it.

We use openldap replication (running slurpd in daemon mode), which
really works well, and mean updates happen almost immediately (a few
seconds, even over a wan connection). The use of ldap also allows you to
do things like disconnected but distributed unix-only authentication (we
have this working on our linux laptops).

This is the latest copy I have of Jim's article:

This is the current version of mine:

Mine mostly needs the smb.conf stuff for the BDC, and some coverage of
samba3+ldap and group mapping.


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