[Samba] Windows XP - Samba Domain join problems (Wrong Parame ter)

Noel Kelly nkelly at citrusnetworks.net
Thu Apr 24 09:21:23 GMT 2003

I believe that only root can joint the domain like this?  Did you add root
to your smbpasswd file?

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Subject: [Samba] Windows XP - Samba Domain join problems (Wrong

Hy everybody out there!
I´ve got a problem when I try to join my Samba Domain with a Windows XP Pro.
Client. When I try to join the domain and entered the Admins username, there
comes the error window Popup "Wring Parameter".
The strange thing ist that I have already a client in the Domain... :(
Maybe I did something wrong with the second one? 
I hope anybody of you can help me!
Thanks in advance!
Andreas Kauffmann
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