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Michael mmcgillick at attbi.com
Thu Apr 24 04:27:48 GMT 2003

Didn't receive a reply to my original post, so I'm posting again.


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Good Evening:


I have three machines in a small home network. One of the machines runs Red
hat Linux 9 with Samba 2.2.7a. Attached to this Linux box is an HP LaserJet
5P printer. I've successfully configured the printer through the Cups
utility, and can print from the Linux box. The other two machines in my home
network run Windows XP Professional. I'm trying to configure both of the
machines to use the Laser printer attached to the Linux box.


If I go to My Network Places, I can see the Samba server and can drill down
to see the printer. I can also add a new printer through the Add Printer
wizard, and print documents on the printer from each of the Windows XP
machines.  What's strange, though, is that if I open my Printers and Faxes
window and look at the installed printers, under the status column, I get
"Ready" for each of my local printers, but I get the text "Access denied,
unable to connect" for the printer on the LaserJet box. Again, I have
successfully printed several documents from the Windows XP boxes to the
laser printer hooked up to the Linux box, but the status message has me
concerned that something isn't configured properly. Is this a bug in Samba,
or have I configured something wrong?


If it helps, I've attached my smb.conf. Thanks.


- Michael

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