[Samba] PDC Swap

Randy Parker randyp at sardis.dfab.sc.ti.com
Wed Apr 23 17:04:33 GMT 2003

I'm using Samba 2.2.8a. Here's my scenario.

I have a PDC box "willie1" that I want to replace
with a stronger box "willie2". I run the command

	willie2# smbpasswd -r willie1 -S

and transfer willie1's SIDs to willie2. I take down
willie1 and willie2 then rename willie2 to willie1.
I do this so I can keep my current scripts and policies 
which have the willie1 name hardcoded into them.

It appears the name change from willie2 to willie1 broke
the SIDs. No users can login to my clients. Those who
can login (via a client login data cache of some sort)
do not get policy transfers or their Z: home directory.
The domain is definitely broken.

Is there any way to keep a PDC name and transfer the
SID's and avoid having to go to each client and join the
new PDC domain? The only possible method I can think of 
is to add a third box to the transfer.

	willie1 -> temp_box
	take down willie1
	rename willie2 to willie1
	temp_box -> willie1

Is this the only way to accomplish this?

Randy Parker
Dallas, Texas

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