[Samba] Insecure smbpasswd with ldap ??

Gregory Hinton Nietsky nietskgh at telkom.co.za
Wed Apr 23 15:00:34 GMT 2003

hi there i have recently moved all users to LDAP and incorporated the
Samba schema i have allocated servers read only access to the data
except for what is required ie lmpass ... ntpass .. what disturbs me is
that smbpasswd demands write access to
uid,rid,primarygroup,cn,displayname i would rather it did not do this i
fully understand why samba requires write access to other attr's in fact
in my config these are read only except for servers ...

im going to be hacking away at the code to change this and was hopeing
someone out there would agree in the logic that samba should write to as
little as posible ...


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