[Samba] Can't access SAMBA workgroup from Windows machines

Pete Overman poverman at pstnet.us
Wed Apr 23 13:56:24 GMT 2003

I am relatively new to Linux and Samba, so pardon what may be a stupid question.

I am having a problem accessing my SAMBA server's workgroup from my window's clients. The workgroup (WORKGROUP) shows up in the Windows network neighborhood, but when I click it I get a message that says "Workgroup is not accessible. Network name cannot be found." However, when I click Start, Run and type in  \\<samba_server_name>, it opens just fine.

Also, it should be noted that this only occurs when the SAMBA server is the master browser for the workgroup. If I put a Windows machine in the same workgroup and allow it to become the master browser, then everything works fine.

Incidentally, I am using Red Hat 8.0, Samba version 2.2.5-10.

NOTE: I saw a previous posting that this may indicate a WINS problem, but it did not elaborate on how I might go about fixing it.

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