[Fwd: [Samba] Samba, Cups, and Foomatic.]

Kurt Pfeifle kpfeifle at danka.de
Wed Apr 23 07:22:39 GMT 2003

> Kevin Smith ksmith at perfht.com wrote on Samba Digest:
> Tue Apr 22 09:17:29 GMT 2003
> I wanted to hook my Actionlaser 1500 to my Server for the network. I sued
> the newest Cups which work well with my Epson color 740.
> Since I had a problem finding a driver, I considered the foomatic databases
> since they did have what I needed. When I installed Foomatic (per the
> Instruction included) it replaced the built-in database and just pukes when
> I run it. Printconf-tui or gui wont even work since it uses the same DB. Has
> anyone else had this problem? Better yet, has anyone else been able to fix
> it? 
> TY
> Kev

This is a question to be asked over at Linuxprinting.org, probably
on the "Foomatic Devel List" <foomatic-devel at linuxprinting.org>. I
take the freedom to forward your mail there. Make sure you follow
up over there.

And, please provide some more details: The Linuxprinting.org guys
don't have any better quality crystal balls than the SAmba people.
What Operating System do you use? Which version? Which is your CUPS
version? What *exactly* did you do? Which commands did you use?
How is the consistence of the excrements after the puke is done?
Are you using Foomatic version 2 or version 3?

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