[Samba] winbind working TOO well! (entire ADS tree returned just local domain)

Barry Hunter Priest hunter at vet.purdue.edu
Tue Apr 22 02:40:40 GMT 2003

version: samba 2.2.8a linux and solaris 8

I am but a leaf administrator in a huge AD tree.  we are using a win2k 
ADS for authentication in my local domain.  I JUST noticed that when 
running wbinfo -u and -g I am getting back the list for the ENTIRE ADS 
tree not just my domain.  I could have sworn that before (pre 2.2.7a) it 
was just the local domain.  I am aware of the 'winbind enum' but the man 
pages say some unix programs might start acting flaky if used.

Is there some way to limit winbind to just my local domain and not the 
entire ADS tree??  or is the 'winbind enum users/groups'=no my only way 
to go to speed things up?


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