[Samba] FROM WIN XP: can't copy "file": network name no longer available

Andrea moressi at infinito.it
Mon Apr 21 18:19:56 GMT 2003

Hi everybody.
Got Samba 2.2.7 on RH Linux 8.0.A on an old K6/200 machine.

For the test I connected a win XP machine through a cross-cable and
It works. I can explore the Samba share from XP, I can copy files and so on.
But when I try to copy a specific file (it's a MS Access archieve about 1MB big) the copy process doesn't even start and, after a timeout, I get form XP the error: CAN'T COPY filename: NETWORK NAME NO LONGER AVAILABLE (I translated this from the localized Italian version; could sound a little bit different).
When the error occours, the smbstatus command shows the file as locked (DENY_ALL 0x30196 WRONLY EXCLUSIVE+BATCH - I don't understand a single field ! - ).
Note that I can copy hundreds of other files, even 40MB large, without any error. The problem seems to be related to that bloody .mdb file and nothing changes if I modify the name or make a copy of the source file or move it in the directory tree or whatever.
After showing the error, sometimes it hangs and I can't connect anymore to the Samba share (says wrong password or other weird stuff).

I'm going to tear everything apart............
Thanks and happy Easter.
(Andrea - Italy)
net-flyer at libero.it

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