[Samba] Shell script execution?

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Firstly i would have to ask Why..?

What command(s) are you going to exec... Who/How will you see it's output and or
parse values to it's input..

Secondly, your going to make yourself a large 'Internal Security' issue...

I have attached a old app, i wrote ages ago, that will allow you to run
command's from a web based form,
it's pretty simple really, i couldn't find the 'release' copy so you'll have to
tweak this and change the values to suite your server, But this can be very
handy, and secure if you simply place a 'htaccess' rule
on the dir you place it into in your CGI-BIN on the web server of your

Joel, Sorry... But you suggestion, Whilst creative... Would be a security risk
in many more ways than one...
	No offence intended, But as a professional programmer, i can think of many
simple ways it
	could be exploited
	and dependant on it's primary privileges, do just about anything.... On the


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{Another way would be to have a share which has a subdirectory. Put
{in the parent directory a flag file or files (program1, program2,
{etc). Have a daemon running on the samba server (a bash script would
{do) watching the subdirectory. Then, to run a program, move the program
{flag file from the parent directory to the subdirectory. The daemon sees it,
{reads the program name, runs the program and moves the program flag file
{back to the parent directory.
{On Fri, Apr 18, 2003 at 12:22:49PM -0700, Kai Peters wrote:
{> Hi ~
{> is there a way to execute a shell script on the samba server from a
{windows client via Samba?
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